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  • Located only 40 miles east of Lexington, Kentucky, Powell County offers the best of two worlds:  small town charm, and quick access to one of Kentucky’s largest cities. 


  • With the four-lane Mountain Parkway traversing the county, excellent access is one of Powell County’s strengths compared to counties further east. 


  • In addition to the Mountain Parkway, Interstate 64 is also accessed 16 miles east of Powell County. 


  • Powell County offers a local airport with a 3,000 ft. runway.  Plans are also in place to expand the airport.


  • A local UPS Hub in Stanton enables companies to have a portal to the world at their back door.  Shipping is therefore made easy with UPS being located in the county.


  • Powell County is considered one of Kentucky’s “ENHANCED” counties. Companies choosing to locate here are therefore offered the best financial incentives the State of Kentucky has for business development.  


  • The Powell County Industrial Authority has (2) Industrial Parks in Stanton, Kentucky (the county seat) and (1) in Clay City, Kentucky.  The Powell County Industrial Authority is committed to working to better job opportunities within the county. 


  • Locating in a smaller community equates to quick access from local officials and the industrial board when needs arise within your company where you may need outside assistance.


  • Rural communities are known for a strong work ethic.  Many residents of Powell County commute outside the area to work.   Commuting requires dedication and commitment.  Companies choosing to locate in Powell County therefore have the opportunity to tap into a workforce that is currently commuting, when the ideal situation is working closer to home.