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Craig Dawson, Executive Director


Who We Are

Stanton, KY



  • Powell County (population 12,269) is home to two incorporated cities:  “Stanton & Clay City”.  Small town charm abounds in these two areas, while rural life throughout the remainder of the county offers gently rolling hills in a picturesque landscape that creates unparalleled living opportunities. 


  • Stanton(population 2,600) and Clay City (population 1,098) offer updated city parks, quaint shopping opportunities and affordable housing that larger cities can’t compete with. 


  • An excellent school system, Powell County offers an elementary school in Stanton, Clay City and Bowen (a rural village), as well as a middle school and high school.  Children in Powell County are fortunate to have access to quality educational opportunities in a small town setting.


  • The Red River Historical Museum located in Clay City offers both visitors and residents alike a resource to look back at the rich history Powell County has had since its inception.